What if your new-born baby were endowed with an entire third set of chromosomes that could kill her — and everyone else on Earth?

For Jon and Marianna Knox, the birth of their daughter Persephone marks the happiest day of their lives. Until they learn that Persey is suffering from a rare but fatal condition called "triploidy."

Her doctors are baffled, and with good reason. Because the source of the little girl’s genetic malfunction is not of this earth. It lies out beyond the orbit of Saturn.

And it’s coming for all of us.

About the Book
Series: The Archon Sequence, Book 3
Genres: Science Fiction, Technothriller
Publisher: WordFire Press
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About the Author
Bill DeSmedt

Bill DeSmedt has spent his life living by his wits and his words. In his time, and as the spirit has moved him, he’s been: a Soviet Area expert and US/USSR exchange student, a computer programmer and system designer, a telecommunications consultant, an Artificial Intelligence practitioner, a son, a husband and lover, a father and grandfather, an omnivorous reader with a soft spot for science fiction and science fact, and now, Lord help us, a novelist. He’s tried to pack as much of that checkered history as he could into his “Archon Sequence” technothrillers Singularity, Dualism, and the forthcoming Triploidy.

Bill’s non-fiction writing credits include an unconventional two-part attempt to marry the fields of cognitive psychology and software engineering for the journal DataBase Programming & Design, a chapter on artificial intelligence in foreign language learning for Melissa Holland’s Intelligent Language Tutors, a beginner’s guide to natural-language processing for the Proceedings of the Computer Game Developers Conference, and a treatise on storytelling as a tool of military command for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

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